Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Few of Fernbank’s Favorite Things

Fernbank’s Own “Guest Curators” Select Fascinating Objects Stored in Museum Collections for New Exhibition

Fernbank Museum of Natural History is launching a new exhibition on June 13 that showcases a collection of “My Favorite Things”—all selected by staff members from each of the Museum’s departments. Located within the recently redesigned Naturalist Center in the “Curator’s Corner,” the exhibition features 15 cases of objects from Fernbank’s permanent collections that often remain stored away in the museum’s vault.

Some of the favorite objects on display in My Favorite Things: Objects from Fernbank’s Permanent Collections include fossils, gemstones, animals, ceramics and more.

“My Favorite Things: Objects from Fernbank’s Permanent Collections is unique because it allowed the entire museum to get involved in the exhibition process,” said James Hays, Fernbank’s Vice President of Exhibitions. “It has been a lot of fun because it also gave us the opportunity to display some of the more exotic museum objects that otherwise would go unseen by visitors.”

Each department—from finance to visitor services to IT to special events and more—chose one person to act as a guest curator. In order to pick their favorite objects, the employees were given a tour of Collections, a highly secured area that many staff members have never before visited. They saw the treasure trove of objects that aren’t typically on public display and were given the opportunity to put their favorites in the spotlight.

“It was interesting to see all the cool things Fernbank has in storage. I have never seen so many unique objects at one time so it blew my mind away. I imagined Collections to be mostly gems and jewelry so I didn’t expect to see so much artwork, cultural objects and animals. It was more than I expected ,” said Museum Store Associate Tifany Bell, who chose a set of decorative African ceramic jars as her favorite things. “The Zulu jars were the most interesting because they were so creative and original.”

My Favorite Things is included with Museum admission and will be on view from June 13, 2009 through February 1, 2010. Museum admission is $15 for adults, $14 for students and seniors, and $14 for children ages 3 to 12. Museum admission is free for children ages 2 and younger and is also free for Museum members. Tickets can be purchased at fernbankmuseum.org or at 404.929.6400.

Fernbank Museum of Natural History is located at 767 Clifton Road in Atlanta.
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